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Thursday, February 12, 2004

“Screaming Indignities”

We each live by our own lifestyle and living arrangement. We each have our point of views, theories, and outlooks on life and such. We all go through tough times in life, we all have occasional "Good" moments. We all fall in love. Sometimes it takes the acceptance of someone else to be sure of the way you live your life. Fortunately, in most cases... someone else's opinion matters to you, to an extent. And you try hard to please them and make them happy. What happens when you find yourself stuck in the rutted situation, where you deal with debating whether it's Acceptance or Tolerance that's put upon you? How can you tell the difference if someone Accepts you or Tolerates you? When it comes to acceptance, you're automatically made a factor in someone's life because to be accepted, you need to make an impact. And when it comes to Tolerance, just consider it as a less harsh word for Hate. Because when it comes to tolerance, it's putting up with and dealing with you. When it comes to Acceptance and Tolerance... should we Accept Tolerance or Tolerate Acceptance?


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