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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Emancipation of Me

Where does one begin to explain himself, when asked to describe what he's looking for in terms of relationship ethics?
The problem isn't explaining it...
It is actually knowing what they want.

Particularly, I find no current interest(s) in being in a relationship;
No interest in the "One Night Stands,"
and indefinately no interest in the usual drama that tends to follow being in an emotionally-induced companionship.

It's not so much a disinterest in seeing someone, but rather a preference based on self-reservations and indulging in the little things, to compensate that of which they lack and desire, while sustaining a mutual comprehension of their worth to each other.

Essentially, I only want the smaller things to fulfill the lackluster:
Familiarity of seeing someone you get to know over time.
The inside jokes to help keep the bond entertaining, thus promoting a longer stay.
Sexual fulfillment, indulging in the acts without the aftermath of feeling rather whore-ish, because it took familiarity, laughter and common ground for the sex to happen...
Not a cocktail.

Thusfar promoting a naturally progressed relationship, with the solid substratum it takes to make it last.


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