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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Games We Play

It's a cycle of life really, if you think about it. Everyone masks their identities or certain parts of themselves, and more often than not, it's their hearts.
And sometimes, if not all the time, we get so caught up in this idea that we're creating a new form of being for ourselves, a new identity; persona, personality, a new hook... We allow it to define who we are.

It really isn't a surprise to me when certain truths are revealed. Mostly because I somehow expected it, or at least comprehend the reasons as to why it was done. But it spins my head how, after all unsaids are said and ammends are made; new leafs are turned and things start looking up... Bam! It makes a complete U-Turn and it's all over.

I like to think Fear has a major part to play in this whole revolution.
When you really think about it, fear itself is the reason these masks are put on to begin with. People tend to suffer a mild (if not moderate) case of insecurity; and frankly, it plays a larger role than you'd think.Reasons for masks can vary: Fear of rejection, fear of being hurt, fear of feeling inadequate, fear of opening up, falling in love, losing love and winding right back at Base Camp #1.

Masks are also used to hide certain characteristics a person doesn't like about them self, and thusfar giving them the opportunity to become someone they'd much rather be than whom they really are.

In terms of dating and relationships, games are played almost indefinitely.
I really don't think those who do play these games are out there to hurt anyone, but unfortunately the side-effect of having a Mask tends to play in that extact order: Representation, Admiration, Infatuation, Confrontation, Revelation, Disappointment, Breaking Up and evidently enough, Hurt. On both party's behalf.

Games are played because people can. Because it gives them the option to shield their emotions, get what they want out of someone or the actual relationship: sense of security, sex, remedy for loneliness, a grasp at love without the eventual heartbreak.
But what bothers me the most is how often it's played. How often these games are cultivated in the essence of the art of avoiding human emotion; as though they're attempting feigning actuality. And all for what? Fear? It's pathetic, really.

The testing of wills is simply being able to accept one's own flaws, and the flaws found in another person. Because nobody is perfect and fairy-tale romances are all but... Well, real.
You'll never have your fantasies become a reality and frankly, the most you can hope for is at least honesty and loyalty. Because without these facets, a relationship can never be successful for more than a few months (if not weeks.)

In the end, after all masks are taken off, games are shut down for the night, and that feeling of Loneliness comes creeping in... It really makes you question the authority of the art of the Mask and the Game that comes with it.


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