My So-Called Love Life

This site -- my anthology -- is the story of a man, a young man, trying to find his way to love. Experiencing everything in between and serving you his heart on a silver-freaking-platter to the naked eye, for the whole world to see; relate, indulge, delve, and hopefully learn from his mistakes. Happy Dating! Copyright © 2004-2011, "My So-Called Love Life" ® Mario Ion. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

"On The Prowl"

The lights all glimmered in such an entrancing pattern, as they shone upon the bodies on the dancefloor--keeping up the flow. They all bumped `n grinded upon each other so closely, in such a patiently obvious--yet--endearing, ecstatic motion.
Rythm was no downfall, as he knew he had the moves. It was the profound and esteemed act of getting his groove on, that seemed to have him stumped.
There was no statement to be made, as he had it going on.
But there's something to be said when something's going wrong.
There's a boy at the counter of the bar and he's looking for that 'Love'.
Against all odds, you'll see that he's not too far off.
He's downing drink after drink, he's over the hill, he's on the prowl.
But after each drink, if you look closely...
I lost myself.


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