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Saturday, September 11, 2004

"Crossing Roads"

I looked up at the starlit sky last night and wondered how amazing it must be to be a star; shining so bright and bold and confident. Everyone notices you; pretty, independent, lively ... and beautiful.
Nowadays, nobody shines. We all do what we don't want, don't do what we should, do things we shouldn't. And to get to where you strive to be; you have to swallow your pride, take things lying down, and deal with it.
It's either this or nothing. Which sucks when you think about it, because in the process of getting to where you want to be, you practically have to degrade yourself and do things you don't want to do, and in turn; makes getting through it seem fucking impossible, frankly because you'd feel you're lying to yourself considering it isn't what you want.

All-in-All, you're left with a fork in the road.
-One path takes you absolutely nowhere because you remain on the path you started out on in the first place.
-Another path could potentially take you into something you're not ready for, which in turn; could mean possible failure considering you'd be so lost.
-Lastly, you can turn 180 degrees and head back to the very beginning, which sucks 'cause you're older and you have to start considering your future.

Either way you go, it's bound to come to an end somehow.
Whether you move on to something better, or whether you simply just fail.
It's something inevitable.
That's what bothers me though ... it's as if everything you do has an expiration date.
So how are you supposed to go on, in general, if everything you've put your efforts in are bound to end? Or better yet ... How do we ever know [or find out] if we expire?

There are things you can control, and things that you can't.
We usually just go with the flow and take whatever comes our way ....
But isn't it time we take matters into our own hands?


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