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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


In the dating game, everybody always wonders how they can approach a potential mate, how they can talk to them and intrigue them. There's nothing to it really.
Ever notice how during certain social occasions [mostly parties] you and your buddies seem to have the most intellectually stimulating conversations?
That's basically all there is to it.
You let them bring up a subject-matter, you question it and challenge it with your theories and intellect.
Thus far bringing intrigue and desire and interest, rather than your average loathsome male/female characteristic.

His name is Richie.
I met him awhile ago during a social party between me and some close friends.
He came in and we all had at least 13 conversations.
He sat next to me, making odd twitch-like body gestures, as if I was making him uncomfortable, or possibly even turning him on.
Even though I was pretty shitfaced, I noticed some potency.
After ever theory I talked about with everyone, he seemed to move closer and closer to me.
I remember feeling his knees clicking with mine, and remember him staring at me, watching me, listening to me; intrigued, enthralled, obscure, unsure, aroused, infatuated.
Long story short ---- by the end of the night, his arm was around me and we ended up kissing, and now we're together.

See, the thing is; you'd expect that talking so much drives people away.
But the truth is, it doesn't. It actually brings them closer.
You can talk about the simplest matter, such as music or whatnot, and challenge it with your theories and put it to the test with your skill in dialect.... and it works.
Normally people would think that maybe if they shut the fuck up and let THEM do all the talking, maybe they'd perceive you as somewhat submissive and not so limited.
But actually, talk ISN'T cheap.
How else are you supposed to meet people if you limit yourself to THEIR expectations?


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