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This site -- my anthology -- is the story of a man, a young man, trying to find his way to love. Experiencing everything in between and serving you his heart on a silver-freaking-platter to the naked eye, for the whole world to see; relate, indulge, delve, and hopefully learn from his mistakes. Happy Dating! Copyright © 2004-2011, "My So-Called Love Life" ® Mario Ion. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

“The Verdict Is In”

Guilt is everywhere. Whether it’s the shame of a self infliction, or the common regret of an obscure or an unwitting – misinterpreted regret of an unguided, mischievous conflict inflicted on someone you care for. Guilt haunts every human being, even when something isn’t your fault. What happens when something is your fault, but you don’t seem to feel the feeble regret or sorrow for the false action? Is it Denial that blocks out these simple and needed feelings, or just the idea that it is your fault that causes you to become chaste? When it comes to Guilt........... Since when was Innocence ever in the picture?


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