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Thursday, April 15, 2004

“The Board of Regulation”

Insecurity is the world’s number 1 issue. We’re insecure about our looks, our weight, our sexual performance... etc. Amongst all; we’re all bound to be put in an Insane Asylum. We’ve got issues beating us up from all corners. We’ve got; Insecurity, Obsession, Stress, Depravity, Angst. Sometimes even our RELATIONSHIPS are even issues. In the city that never sleeps, where anything’s possible. Could “Issues” be contagious? I mean, here we are; throwing ourselves out on a limb with everything imaginable; food, appearance, living arrangements, sex, relationships, and sexualities. Sometimes I wonder why we have to go through all of these issues just to get what we want, or at least something close to what we want. Maybe it is contagious. Maybe everyone else’s problems somehow become a conflict on us. But if we have to deal with all this... what’s it all worth? We’re constantly battling against issues and it seems the more we conquer, the more they come. Maybe we should just fuck off. 1 Issue Down – A Lifetime more to go. I wonder; if we’re all infested with all these issues................... what the fuck is wrong with us?


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