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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

“The City That Never Dreams”

New York City… “The City That Never Sleeps”, consisted of over 2 million men, and 2 million women. But unfortunately, the majority of the City’s population is in fact, Singles. Its funny how there’s so many great married men or women, but hardly any great unmarried men or women. They call New York City; “The City that Never Sleeps.” It’s true, it never sleeps… because everybody’s either getting laid, and trying to get laid… or not getting laid at all. But if the City never sleeps… what happens to the dreams, the hopes, the goals, and the future? OK, call me insane but, if the city never sleeps, and everybody’s awake, in hopes they’ll find what they’re after… it seems as if we’re all living in a fantasy. I mean, here we are… content on finding Love, or Romance, or even a good fuck. But we never really consider our lives OUTSIDE of these factors… these issues. We always think “Inside the Box” and never out. So how can we ever really know what we want, what we’re after… if all we do about is jump, jump, jump… without any range as to how high we’re jumping? We all throw ourselves out into the world, the life... without any true ideal of what’s out there for us. We only accept whatever it throws at us, pleasantly, without taking the time to consider whether it’s right or wrong. So, we wait… Till we figure it out on our own, the hard way. Thus -- leading us to become heartbroken. We never Sleep… we never Dream. Its funny how we venture out on our ways, to chase after our “Fantasies” but eventually, we get disappointed. I thought fantasies we’re these ‘dreams’ that are supposed to satisfy our desires? We never take any consideration for our actions… we just run. We just chase after our fantasies, our impulses, our desires… and we NEVER chase after our realities. Could it be because we’re scared of reality? Or maybe because we know our Fantasies will always seem to satisfy our urges, our impulses… without any disappointment? What I don’t understand is… we live in a REALITY, where Fantasies are just Dreams. And the City never sleeps. Go figure. It kind of makes me wonder ------- When it comes to Fantasies, in a City that never Sleeps, nor Dreams... where Reality never meets Truth, nor Fiction………. Aren’t ‘Fantasies’ supposed to please us, rather than get us hurt?


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