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Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Everybody needs a little moment of truth, when it comes to terms of self-evaluation. We all throw ourselves out in the world of ‘joy’ and ‘desperation’ in this never-ending search for that thing we call ‘Love’. But if we know it’s a never-ending search, why do we continue? It seems as if Searching, and Waiting is everyone’s consonant. We go through with it every day of our lives, whether it’s waiting for a call, waiting for food, waiting for love… it’s the number one factor in all of our lives. I’ve always told myself; “Why Wait?” but lately I’ve been realizing that Waiting can not only, possibly mean Forever, but sometimes… waiting is the best thing to do. I mean, Why Rush? I guess we rush into things because it’s how WE feel… and I guess we wait on things because it’s how OTHER’S feel. It’s a weird cycle… we want to rush into things with someone, while that ‘someone’ wants to wait things out and just ‘go with the flow.’ Sometimes, I even wonder WHY we should go with the flow, because we can always hate anything before we try to love it. So, why would we try to make that a definite possibility by ‘going with the flow’ when we can easily trust our instincts, our feelings… and make something of them, rather than a waste of time? They say; “It is better to have loved and lost, rather than to never have loved at all”, Bullshit! I say; “It is better to have never loved, and lost… because it will spare pain.” When it comes to ‘Going With The Flow’………….. FUCK THE FLOW. Go with your instincts.


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