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Sunday, February 29, 2004

“Matter over Mind”

Every now and then, I convince myself strongly to believe that we all have 2 Identities. One of who we REALLY are, and the other of who people THINK we are. To be more complex; We all Represent ourselves to others as someone, or something we're not. For instance; I have a hard time bagging guys, because I'm not one to Approach, but nobody ever approaches me. It's probably because I don't appeal as a Gay Guy, so, men have a hard time coming to terms with other people's sexualities. It kinda sucks that nowadays, you have to wear your heart on your sleeve just to attract what or who you want. Thus causing, and leading you to be volnerable. Sometime's I wonder if it were better if I just approached people... but, on the other hand, would it make a difference? I mean, I too, have a hard time concluding someones sexuality. So why make an ass out of yourself by trusting signals that could be false? I wonder.. since Representation is taken the wrong way, why can't people just show their true colors? The Rainbow Flag persè? Or atleast something that'll make their dating life a little less complicated. And thus far goes for everyone in general. When it comes to Representation....... is it a safer-bet to just take the plunge and allow ourselves to be volnerable?


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