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Monday, February 16, 2004

“Disappearing Facts”

Everybody has a moment in life after a serious relationship ends, where they debate whether they should move on or try to reconsider. What happens when wanting to move on, because of the depression… becomes our major initiative... NOT because we WANT to move on, but because we feel we SHOULD move on? What happens when we challenge ourselves by putting ourselves down for the fact being that maybe we just don’t want to move on? I found myself in an epiphany last night. I realized that I’ve been blinded by the ideal of actually moving on and forgetting everything that went on between me and my ex. It all comes down to the Facts.

1) Should I leave him because things didn’t work out or should I stay cuz I still love him?
2) If things WERE to work out, would things be better or worse?
3) If Moving on means forgetting…. Am I really up for that?

I’ve come to the conclusion that when we actually consider moving on… we don’t fully extend ourselves to the facts and knowledge that things COULD be better if we just had faith. The ironic thing is, Faith was my ultimatum. Why? Because I truly didn’t have any, at all. So what happens when the idea of moving on blinds you from these epiphanies? What happens when Moving On becomes Running Away? What happens when you DO move on, but find yourself lost in transition for the fact being that you haven’t taken the time to comprehend these things? What happens if not taking the time to think, rather than rushing things because we’re so blinded by the ideal of moving on, opens the path to yet another dismay? What happens when "Breaking Up" really just means "Time Out", but we're too hurt, stupid, and BLIND to realize it, so we try to "Move On" without even considering the outcomes? Moving On: True or False?


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