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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

“Friends and Trends”

I’ve always grown to wonder what it means to “take it laying down.” Does it simply mean being defenseless? If it does…. We’ve all taken things laying down. So why make a big fuss about it? I mean, sure… we’ve all gone through some bad times but there’s no reason to throw your own tragedy on someone else. It’s all in perspective once you’ve ascertained the drama. Either way, isn’t the whole ‘Drama’ thing so 1980’s? Why do people make the biggest fuss about the littlest things and expect everybody to sympathize for them and give them the casual attention they were after in the first place? What’s the whole deal with deploying yourself to extremes just for the slightest bit of attention? Attention seems to be something major in this world, considering almost 90% of it literally hunts for it. Attention begets a Crowd which begets a Scene which eventually begets a possible bonding between those who’ve witnessed the action. But why can’t people just be decadent for once and be HUMAN BEINGS, rather than Demons running rampant? We’ve all got our Drama’s, our Trauma’s, and our Like’s and Dislike’s… so why bother? When it comes to glorification and satisfaction, I see no difference. They both basically mean to be pleased, don’t they? So many people in this world cause such dramatic events and bring it on others to resolve, even strangers. Because deep down inside… it’s not safety they’re after, it’s attention. And the part that sucks, they’re such good actors when it comes down to that. When it comes to personal gratification or satisfaction, and sharing the ideals with others…. Are we really just striving for attention?


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