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Saturday, February 21, 2004

“The Way We WEREN’T”

They say “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”, that can work with Truth as well. I’ve really been embellished with the fact that “Truth is in the Eye of the Beholder.” They say when Women have sex, they produce a chemical that causes them to emotionally attach, and fall in love. I say, when Men fall in love… they grow a Third Eye that can see through the truth of the concept which helps them make their decision. Sometimes, we seemingly make the wrong decision, to our friends… but they’re not the one’s who fell in love, now are they? There comes a time in life where you meet someone, who just isn’t what she/he seems. So, you observe, and analyze. Sometimes that person can even set off mixed signals about what they are, in terms of Sexuality. But, then again… who doesn’t wear a shell nowadays? Sometimes we need to crack that shell of theirs to get inside and see the real them, without the cover, protection, shell. And THAT’S how we make our decision(s). But what happens when you meet a guy who sets off signals that convince you of his sexuality being challenged… you try to figure out if you’ll ever have a chance with them, meanwhile… you’re friends encourage you that you can. Thus leading you to fall a little harder. But then something happens… the signals gone. You feel hopeless…. Who’s to say that things won’t change? EVERYTHING CHANGES. So what changed? My third eye was exposed and I saw through the truth. Let’s get into detail; So, you meet a guy who convinces you that he’s either Bi-Sexual or Gay, and you let yourself fall, just because you really want to be with this person. But then you realize they aren’t what they seem, AT ALL. In fact, they only seem they’re what they seem because that’s just the way they’ve introduced themselves to you, and everyone they know. For instance, Danny’s a wild guy. He loves his car, loves “women”, loves Sex. But that’s how he introduced himself and represented himself to us… to me. But, I fell… my third eye became exposed… I took a deeper look. And I saw the Truth. Being that he isn’t who he introduced himself as, at all. In fact, he’s just as lost as me. A hopeless romantic. A lonely lover. Sometimes in life, people introduce themselves to others as something they’re not, to hide the fact that they have weaknesses, as everyone else does. But hiding it can set off all these mixed signals to others, as to what the fuck they want out of life… love. So we eventually jump to conclusions, and try to make decisions out of what we THINK, rather than what we KNOW. Sometimes we just have to let these things pass us by… otherwise they’d never get on the last train home. I’ve also grown to wonder why people, who ARE in fact sexually challenged, Deny it. I mean, it just isn’t right to resort yourself to just one fucking gender. It’s Human fucking Nature to love both. That’s what Love is all about… the ability to withdraw from casualties such as ignorant people’s comments and judgments, and to live and love freely without worrying about what others think. It’s not for them to Judge either way. It’s only for you to judge. So why the fuck do so many people hide their true colors just to please others and give THEM the satisfaction of their sex lives and love lives? It’s just so ridiculous… the whole ideal of homophobia and the whole concept that “It should just be Man and Woman.” Bullshit. That’s bias, cruel and sexist. They tell us as if it’s all about Sex, and what other’s would image it as. It’s not about that… AT ALL. It’s about Love. As I’ve said, it’s Human fucking Nature to love both. If you fall for a Man, so be it. If you fall for a Woman, so fucking be it. Nobody has the right to take claim on what’s right or wrong except yourself… so why DENY yourself?
Denial: The Key to a Respected Identity, or the Door that Shuts it Out?


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