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Sunday, February 22, 2004

“Simply Unforgettable”

When you find yourself rather biding the effect of being tangled up in a mess you can’t seem to get yourself out of, you turn to someone else’s help, possibly even a few people’s help. Such as friends, or family. Because when you try to untangle something on your own, you eventually make it worse and find it harder to untangle (in most cases, that is). What happens when you can’t turn to anyone, due to the fact that they have so much faith in you, and think you can ‘untangle’ the ‘knot’ on your own, so to speak? What happens when Faith isn’t something you have, but you don’t want to disappoint anybody by revealing the concept to them? You find yourself tangled in an even BIGGER ‘knot’. There’s an up and down to every possible thing you can think of in Life. And there’s a way to break away from the tie that binds you down. It isn’t necessarily easy to untangle yourself out of some kind of conundrum but with a little help, anything’s possible. Even though Help isn’t easy to find, sometimes, you attain the kind of help you’ve never expected yourself to attain. Such as an ex, or memories, or even the littlest things that help you make it through each day. And sometimes, it’s even these little things that get us tangled due to the ex, the memories… the regrets. So what happens when the things that help you get by, end up getting you down? Memories..... The kind of Help that gets us by, or the tangled knot that binds us down?


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