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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

“The Reason”

Water turns to Wine, Wine turns to Burgundy, Love turns to Hate which eventually causes Heart-Break. When you think about it, everything has it’s form of being, it’s evolution which sheds it’s false form to expose it’s true form. Sometimes these ‘True Forms’ aren’t even meant to be exposed. Sometimes things aren’t even meant to be found. Such as Love. If every problem has it’s solution, then every solution has it’s problem. One drink, which was meant to be a temporary escape, can turn into alcoholism. One cigarette can turn into an addiction which will eventually cause Cancer. Secrets can turn into Betrayal, and Love can turn into one big, chaotic heart-break… which will lead to loneliness, emptiness, incompleteness, and depression. When you think about it, every beginning has it’s end. We all strive for ‘wholeness’, but sometimes that ‘wholeness’ is what makes us these imperfect beings. So why do we keep on going? Why do we literally set ourselves up for these falls? Forever is such an unpleasant word, it begins to eat at you from the inside – out after each step we take, due to the callous failure. So why the fuck do we continue to yearn for something we KNOW we can’t attain? Why do we have so much faith in things that we KNOW will cause a disaster? It seems as if Life itself doesn’t want us to know what happiness is without a disappointment. It kind of makes me wonder…….. if every step we take is a disappointment… can we disappoint the steps we take, enough to make the right steps? Or are things like Love, Happiness, and Wholeness something we’re not meant to find?


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