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Sunday, March 28, 2004

“Secrecy and Publicity”

Everybody wonders why Gays and Lesbians are so over-sexed. We’re claimed to be the most promiscuous of all forms of beings. People pass judgments so easily without even taking any time to understand or comprehend the truth behind our actions. We’re not over-sexed at all; in fact... we’re no more sexed than Heterosexuals. It’s just that we’re not as discreet as heterosexuals, so of course people are going to toss their juxtapositions and pass judgments. We all seem to be overly sexed because nobody ever knows what goes on behind OUR closed doors, for the fact being that we’re constantly battling publicity and crucial comments that we tend to hide our lives and keep it in the dark. Hey, it’s not our fault that we’re not as free as heterosexuals to publicly display our affections towards our lovers. The truth is; Gays and Lesbians don’t have the equal freedom as Heterosexuals to display our emotions, our desires with the public without having to enter this never-ending battle to defend our human rights. Everybody looks at us and condemns us with their petty comments and rude judgments, enough to the point where we have to reconsider whether we want to put up with the bullshit or not. So by hiding our lives away from the publicity, nobody ever really knows what goes on with us considering we’re not as public about the whole ordeal as others, DUE to the fact that nobody can ever accept us as equal human beings. Everybody wonders what goes on behind closed doors as if it’s any of their god damned business.... and when they realize that they’ll never know, they often tend to make false assumptions and pass it on to the public. When it comes to publicly displaying ourselves.... in a world where people bitch about not being able to find love.... how can we EVER find love if we always have to hide behind ourselves – blocking out the best of us?


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