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Friday, April 23, 2004


Its funny how there’s a cure for colds, flues and fevers. But there aren’t any cure(s) for loneliness and despair. When little children cry; people naturally react quickly to find out what’s wrong. Whether they’re hurt or sick; people become concerned. But when it’s us; the adults; we cry alone because naturally --- as grown ups --- we’re taught to mind our own business. It’s quite pitiful how there’s medical procedures for broken bones and wounds, but none for broken hearts or a third degree emotional burn. Nowadays, when adults cry; we’re considered to be fucked in the head or something. Rumor has it that Unity is the World’s greatest disadvantage, which by fault --- is true. Why can’t we be offered a tissue when crying, a band-aid when wounded, and love when alone? Why do people always rely on what’s inside the box for a cure for their emotional crises, when there’s a whole world out there that can potentially offer better support --- if we just gave it a try. It’s weird how when we’re OK with ourselves, we yearn for more. But when we’re lonely, we want to be left alone. It makes me wonder........... There’s a whole world out there, why does it have to be this way?


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