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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

“Dishonest Honesty”

There once was a man that had it all; Great friends, a great love, great career. One morning, he woke up and he lost it all. He stumbled and fell face first and lost grip of that which he once had. Yeah, I was that man. I used to think that I had it all, but in thinking so; makes everything I have absolutely inevitable. You can lose it all with the slightest hesitation. So how do you ever play for keeps if everything you’ve kept just isn’t fully for keeps? How can you have that plunging grip if you never really had a hold of something in the first place? See, the thing is; you can’t ever understate the obvious. Let alone stating it. Or else things will eventually flail. It’s like karma… you really have to be careful what you say. Sometimes I wonder if you have to be careful of what you say, or what you don’t say.

In a relationship, perse, there’s always something that’s left unsaid. And when stated – can mean abomination to the relationship. I suppose what we don’t say is clearly the truth of the subject-matter, and when alls said and done; hostility of what has been said prevails and causes commotion within the relationship. Thusfar – the relationship could end.

It gets to me sometimes. They say the best thing to embellish a relationship is Honesty. But how can we ever be honest with the one(s) we care about and love if it can risk EVERYTHING? How can we ever make a relationship work if the only factor that would make it work comes at a deadly price? It really makes me think … people say they’re never too sure if they ever really know somebody. But tell me; how can we ever know somebody if all the unsaid is unsayable?


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