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Saturday, August 28, 2004

“To Love or Not To Love”

Ever wonder what it would be like if you could only just grow up and accept something for how good it can really be, rather than juxtapose it for its flaws; minor flaws that don’t even change anything? I found myself in this particular epiphany recently. Think of it this way; you’ve got 2 options:

1) Enjoy how great this certain thing is, in terms of “Living In The Now” or …
2) Decline it for the most irrelevant flaw and miss out on “What Could’ve Been”.

(Personally, I’d choose the first one.)

Life is all about living in the now, so why not “live in the now” with someone? Why is it so hard for us to take something for what it’s worth, instead of brushing it off for the simplest, most incoherent reason just because it’s something different? Life’s too short to be picky. Life’s too short to waste it practically scavenger hunting for something to satisfy our Physical expectations, instead of satisfying our Emotional needs. We’re always persistently chasing after something that’s similar to a blast from the past. Henceforth why we should grow the hell up, get with the millennium, and – once again – “Live In The NOW”. So what if things will be different? Isn’t that what we’re all really craving … The “Spontaneity”?


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