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Monday, May 07, 2007

Desperate Measures

They say desperate times call for desperate measures.

In every person's life, there will come a time where a moment of despair prompts an irrational decision. The intentions are often pure, but contrary to what they have to do to resolve a dilemma, the results and consequences aren't always the greatest. And there are few, fairly rare cases where one finds himself in a rut; has multiple options; and still makes the wrong decision to get himself out of the situation.

Those are the kind that bother me.

It spins my head how, no matter how great of a thing you can have going on for you, you allow yourself to be overpowered by a present situation promoted by trouble. It spins my head how you can have the easiest, most righteous solution available yet, you still manage to succumb to the sheer idiocracy of having to resort to the other option(s).

Perhaps you're so caught up in the dilemma that the answer becomes so vague to see. Perhaps you're more used to doing things a certain way to overcome an obstacle. Perhaps your intentions were more deliberate... But I still find myself doubting my own self-worth and reasonable resource(s) because of one other's decision(s).

Perhaps it's the beginning substratum of what would be known as the "Center of Attention" and feeling the need to be the spotlight, or rather main character in the story. Or maybe it really is just a matter of not feeling worthy enough.

But the question will always remain...
If you love someone, shouldn't you do everything you can to be with them and make it work, than to swindle off to the likes of someone else because they qualify more for your desperate needs?


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