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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why Wait?

People always say it's best to take your time when involving yourself with another person, on a relationship-basis.

Normally I'd say I agree and that it's best to take your time to experience every aspect of your connection to this person and not just the sexual, but unfortunately, there's been an abundance of negative (if not hostile) responses to the infamous strategy.

I never do understand the conundrum of either wanting to take things slow, yet having absolutely no patience in doing so, to being granted taking it slow, yet disinterested in what may come.
Maybe it's all causality of A) desiring the unattainable, but completely fumbled by insecurity when the opportunity comes into play. Or B) being so burned by the journey to finding what you really want, that you've overall become uninterested.

They say the best things come to those who wait for it, but primarily, people are often blinded by their overwhelming passion for it, that they become incapable of determining right from wrong; thus far, promoting an often self-degrading habit of routinely yearning for the majority of what their experience(s) have been.

To make matters worse, they're never aware that the decisions they make and men they choose aren't exactly falling into favor of what they strive for. But that's mostly caused by becoming so accustomed to the negative experience, which the lack of positive experience(s) and result(s) tends to make that something you're unconsciously finding appealing, due to being so adapted to it.


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