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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Balance in Twos

A long while ago, I had a deep conversation with someone about the Soul-Mate concept. He mentioned to me that a while back, he had visited two Psychics, both female, who were madly in love. They conceived a very interesting concept that we're all angels descended onto the earth, though in halves, and that our soul-mates would be our other half.

I can't help but question the authority of Balance when investigating furthermore into this whole Soul-Mate deal.Essentially, yes, our Soul-Mate would be our other half, the half that completes us. But that's post-modern bullshit. Personally, I think if we're successful enough to keep a partner for longer than 2 weeks to 4 months, they may as well qualify for the Soul-Mate title.
But to get back on topic, I have one particular question I've yet to answer...

In regards to the whole Soul-Mate deal, and acknowledging the "Half" concept, are we looking for someone identical to our qualities or someone rather opposite?
Ultimately, I'd think that the "Opposites Attract" metaphor plays a larger part in our love lives than we know. In order to maintain balance, there has to be a positive and a negative; the ying and the yang.
So to answer my own question, and hopefully yours, I think involving yourself with someone displaying totally opposing characteristics than yourself is NOT a bad thing.

While they have their pros and cons, as do you, it helps negate any redundancy in having predicted any said matters or the relationship as a whole. Primarily, we go out of our way(s) trying to find someone to justify our very own being. Therefore, we juxtapose reality with a preconceived logic.
The logic being that of which we assume what would be our Soul-Mate, when in reality, is everything but.

Forget Zodiac signs. They only help predict a characteristic, rather than prove.
Go by what their Pros can do to help with your Cons, and what your Pros can do to help with their Cons. Which will ultimately add up both partys' Pros.

In order to gain balance, we have to let go of that bullshit idea that our Soul-Mate is our other half. Why? Because... It inclines they are our identical.

What we need is to focus on working together as a team with a significant other.

Forget familiarity. It's all too familiar. Instead, reach for someone you'd least likely see yourself with. I'm not suggesting throwing away every last moral or standard, but for the meantime, think outside of the proverbial box.


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