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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trait Off

A personality is ascertained by the experience(s) you go through. They help contribute to the overall attitude you portray in general, every day situations. Essentially, this would be your "hook;" the very integral meaning as to why people are drawn to you. The Make-or-Breaker.

Representation is the ammunition for the gun, of which will be your personality and the characteristics you display. Ultimately, the deal-breaker, when it comes to a potential mate.

Primarily, what draws them to you is your outlook; perspective; and overall ability to handle what comes your way. What they see is someone who knows themselves very well; what they want; readiness and confidence. They see someone they'd like to know more of because frankly, they see someone they may have been searching for.

It's all fun and games until things heat up and the next step is bound to be taken... The moment that defines who has been true to themselves and the other party. Again - the deal-breaker.

It all sounds great and potent until, and this is guaranteed to happen more often than not, one of the two decides they're just not ready for the real deal. Maybe it's because they were just getting a feel of what's out there for them? Or perhaps it's more in proportion to "discovering themselves" in which case, supplements to the uneasiness and discomfort with one's self. Which, consequently, promotes an indecisive streak.

Although they do not mean to enforce any sort of mind-trip, but consequently, tension tends to build up and escalate negative energy, adding to what always breaks the deal. This goes hand-in-hand with their representation displaying false jurisdiction.

Anthematic patrons that practice masked identity for the socially anxious stop the acting, when they're confronted with the knowledge of biting off more than they can chew.


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