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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Till Its Gone

They say you don't know what you have until it's gone. They weren't kidding. It's hard to negate total control of any feelings you may have for someone, when acknowledging their relation to you and what has come out of it.

Timing is a crucial matter when it comes to surpassing the status-quo standard of the subtleties spawned when having the qualifications for a solid substratum; in which leads to the success and overall satisfaction when it comes to a relationship.

You're either ready or you're not; whether or not you are completely compatible is irrelevant because sometimes, the timing is just off.

And although it may sound hopeless, it actually isn't, if both parties acknowledge the good that may come out of it when they feel both as equally ready.

But what happens when the timing falls into the favor of what was initially desired, but something happens and the two are faced with a harsh degree of seperation? Namely when one is moving out half the country away.

Do they take what time they may have and try and work out something to the extent of which they can continue to see each other, if not completely BE together?
Do they kiss all the wonderful times they had and could continue to have goodbye and move on?
Do they remain in contact but only for the sake of acknowledging each others' presence?
Or do they let the test of time do its course and see where it leads them both?

Time is a valuable and underestimated principal in regards to the test of fate.
And more often than not, people are generally impatient when it comes to matters that gradually continue to break their heart.

Can't say you blame 'em, but maybe, in some sick, twisted design, it's a test of their connection... And in time, they will see just how fortunate they are to have each other.


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