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Friday, December 18, 2009

N.Y. Roulette

Dating in New York City has become a game of chance encounter. Everybody has their own outlet to meeting the kind of person they want to meet; be it at a coffee shop, a bar, a club, or even online. It all plays part to a certain degree of "what to expect" or whether or not it's taking a chance.

I've taken my chance.

It was only two months into it that I started to realize that I've become victim to the bullet marked "Love." Was I falling, or already in it? Or maybe somewhere caught in between the crossfire. They say X marks the spot, and now all I can ponder is did they really mean Ex?

We were off to a good start; We got along, we joked around, we played it safe, and the sex was good. I even got along with his friends, for whatever that was worth.
But that's where the problem(s) began.
The timebomb that was triggered the moment we locked lips, seemed to trigger just a little bit more each time we took our relationship public.

One beer led to five, and maybe a few shots in between. And in his inebriated haze, he'd drop a bomb on me. One night it was the possibility of cancer. Another night it was to suggest I find somebody else. The atomic, was his ghost of a former love still lingering between us and in the sheets.

I did my best and played nonchalant. I tried to let it slip, but it was continued to be brought up. And I asked; "Is this somebody that can jeapordize any chance we might have?" and he simply, yet dangerously answered "Yes."

Chance... It's funny how it can be full of so many possibilities, yet so full of arsenal.
And I guess all that was left was to wait for the inevitable.

Through the trials and tribulations, and the wonders of "What If;" and through the shades of grey that dimmed on the spotlight that was our relationship... We took a chance. A few chances, I should say. Though there were problems and warnings signs to stay away, and though it was never meant to be; we played the game of N.Y. Roulette.

You can only play with chance for so long, till' it blows love away.


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