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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where it flows...

I once knew a man who admittedly described himself as "the fall in-love" type. He said, he falls in love at first sight, and if he didn't, he knew to move on.

The man wasn't all that bad; funny, smart, attractive and artistic in his own way. His only downfall was that he'd become too selective for the good of his own heart, based on prior experiences with those of similar qualities.

He is 35, single and rather miserable.

It's a shame, that the most eligible bachelors are the most jaded kind. And it's a shame that these are the kind of mates we look for, yet we take them for granted.

Have we too, become too selective?

So selective, that if often blinds us to the chance that, what we've been looking for, can very well be right in front of us; in a whisper, a handshake, a kiss or even a first acquaintance.

Have we increased our own standards to better suit our low expectations?

We live in an age of competition, and frankly, you either have it or you don't; the good looks or the sex appeal to make up for it; the confidence or the 5 figure job to flaunt in return; the brains or the body to show off instead.

We're all so strung-out on the idea that we need these things; be it in ourselves or potential mates.

We've exchanged romance for materialism; passion and intimacy for a mundane sexual encounter to fill the void--albeit temporarily; and the worst of all... Love for lust.


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