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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Spotlight Tragedy

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It was brought to my attention by one of my best friends, that the logic of going out in brief "Coffee" dates actually serves more of a purpose, than killing time and (briefly) getting to know someone... And I'm here to tackle that idea.

These alleged Coffee dates, brief nonetheless,
serve as means to garnering a physical attraction to someone, especially if it's a first meet.
A coffee date is exactly as it entales: A coffee.
There are no ulterior motives, and certainly no guarantee that it will last anywhere past that ONE coffee. There's always room for excuses to ditch the person, with subtlety, as opposed to sticking around for, say, a whole movie, or dinner.

We all know how that goes...
Spending money on ticket(s) to a movie you either won't enjoy, or can't enjoy because contrary to who your present company is, it has generally disinterested you in the idea of the movie to begin with.

But there's Dinner too...
Paying an atrocious amount of money for food you could've enjoyed for half the price, not to mention putting up with the Interrogation process, in the form of "21 Questions;"
"Hello! I'm trying to enjoy my dinner and wine (or strong cocktail at this point)"
Dinner dates are either trainwrecks or arousing.

There's so much to tell about a person over the course of a meal;
How they present their physical appearance to accomidate the setting;
Their mannerisms at the table;
Their eating habits;
And even what they decide to talk about, if you observe it close enough.
But you see... Most guys aren't prepared for these kinds of dates, because it's an ego complex for them. It's either they don't want to be the asshole that rejects you, if they're not into you... Or they aren't prepared to handle what comes after the surprise of them finding an interest in you; albeit whether it's in or out of the bedroom.

Or maybe the economy is just that bad, that it's even affecting our dating lives...
But that's just wishful thinking.

So, when you think about it, it's guys that aren't man enough to face the good or bad results of a proper date, that tend to downsize and date in smaller doses, or even in moderation.


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