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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Emotions are a tricky part in the game we call love.

There are the kind you feel, the kind you don't feel,
the kind you don't know if you feel,
and the kind you don't want to feel.

When exposed to either of said matters, it's like opening Pandora's Box and struggling in a race to find balance. Balance, in this case, is a pendulum-esque exchange in power, or rather a reversal of roles... Ping-ponging responsibility and succumbing to compromise.

Where the emotions come in play, is the willingness to allow another person, for the sake of like/love, exploit your strengths and weaknesses to convince, if not manipulate you (in most cases) into this compromise.

Most people mistake emotions for those cookie-cutter high-school crushes we've all had; trading off reality for fantasy in an effort to keepsake childish endearment.
But that's the fantasy of it.
The reality - less pleasing to embrace - is that a relationship isn't something you take for granted because of how it makes you feel, but rather what you can build and accomplish with this person, based on characteristics, logic, shared interest(s) and possibly even goals.

The topsy-turvy, though, is letting all the "stuff" in between cloud your initiative.
And it's that "stuff" that people often take for granted and allow to define what a relationship really is... Partnership.


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