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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lights, Camera, Progress!

I'd like to think rejection is quite possibly one of the most elusive points you can reach, in terms of dating... You just never know when it's gonna happen, or whether or not it's even feasible or in the picture. But you see, that's what dating is all about. People often put too much anticipation and expectation on something that requires a lot of time and attention, and dating is just the fine line that defines whether or not there is compatibility or even chemsitry.

Fact: First Dates tend to play the role of being the ice-breaker. How this pans out is simple... You meet somebody, get a feel of them; maybe get to know them, but only a little - leaving room for mystery and more to talk about, should there be enough interest to continue to a second date. More often than not, first dates are usually something subtle and brief, like a walk in the park, a small lunch date, maybe a coffee...
Ending on a shake, or a soft, small kiss. Or at least that's how it should be.

This leaves us at a point where we can ascertain if,
1) There's a mutual physical attraction;
2) There's enough common interests shared to prolong onto the next date;
3) There's some kind of borderline chemistry the two have met, but not explored.

Fact: Second Dates, kind of like the sequel or prequel to the First Date, often play the role of loosening up some. Generally something a little more decadent, like a full-course dinner, a cocktail (or twelve), and letting go of some of your reservations to get to the more intimate details to share with your date. That alone can range anywhere from conservative talk about who you are, what you do, how you've been raised, to fantasies and your take on an ideal relationship, and maybe even some sexual innuendo.

At this point, there's so much room for possibilities because, if you've survived the first date, and managed to keep the clothes on through the second, there's gotta be some kind of connection beyond the bedroom. See in today's world, especially here in New York City, we just don't have the time for the pretense, and beating around the bush. We're in demand, busy, and often on the go, and straight-shooters who go after what ever it is we may want at any given moment.

I myself have a 3-Date Rule policy... Now, I don't always follow it, because I'm also a firm believer of both Going With The Flow and Life's Too Short. Though essentially, my 3-Date Rule policy is that if I'm actually interested in a person, I allow 3 Dates before I allow myself to explore them sexually. For me, it keeps things interesting and somewhat prolonged.

This of course, brings us to Date Three...

Fact: Third Dates should be no holds barred. I mean, really! If you've managed to knock off the other two dates and hit it off well, why not reward each other with a happy ending (no pun intended)? I personally like Third Dates to be a little more intimate and lowkey, like going over to their place, having a glass of wine, "watching a movie" though we know how well that turns out... Followed by a few hours of spooning and sweet talks of nothing and everything at the same time. And of course, there'll be an encore performance.

Three Dates, hopefully successful, and you should be off to a great start. So long as things aren't pressured and not too much is expected out of someone too soon, at least it's progressing at a pace that can accommodate the city we live in, and the lifestyle(s) we lead.


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