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Friday, December 18, 2009

Maybe, Baby

We've all got our ulterior motives in most cases, but when it comes to sleeping with the enemy, how do you really seperate the two with a fine line that defines a Friend or Foe?

It started one night at the expense of being bored out of my mind, with no one around to fulfill whatever it was I was yearning at the time. I could've easily called one of my friends and said "Hey! Let's meet at The Coffee Shop for some cocktails." but the more I thought about it, I realized it wasn't something a friend would satisfy.
So I met with someone that's been... In the works, for some time now.

Initially we met as means to "hanging out..." Right! Because my rising to the occasion as soon as we sat down wasn't obvious at all of what my intentions were. Although I've never been the type to liberate myself from my morals, what ever that is... Tonight I was feeling exceptionally lonely.

Sure we talked a bit, made it more comfortable, but at 1AM, talk is cheap... So we got to it.
He was quick to lean closer to me and lock his lips on mine...
What a good kisser. I couldn't help but quiver, as the synapses fired, sending orders:
Caress him, undress him, try to digress but can't help it...
Unbutton the shirt, slide down the pants, next thing you know we're assuming deposition.

It never ceases to amaze me how good it feels to expose yourself entirely to someone you don't know well. Even moreso to be able to condone this amount of bliss.

It took me some time to discover how you can tell whether or not it's just sex, or if somewhere between the climaxes, they feel some kind of connection to you. A lot has to do with vulnerability. But how can you discover that much about someone over just the course of sex?
You compare it to the times that I'm sure we've all had, where it was just a one night stand.
You know... The clothes come off, the act was done, and poof! Never to be seen again.
Well with him, I could tell that he wasn't just having sex with me, no...
He was passionate about it. He made love to me.

There's something about the way he holds me; close, tight, gripping me as if it's not close enough, as he penetrates deeper as though he's trying to penetrate my soul.
The eye-contact is stunning... The way he stared deep into my eyes, and sent a physical jolt as he sent a smile my way. And I'd tremor... Not because I'm scared, but because he has me. He's got a grip of me far more than my hips. And when he kisses me before his final moments,
I get the chills... As though I'm experience the same body high as he's feeling.

I knew it was more than just a one night stand, and it was justified when it happened again.
But even then I knew there's something more to it than the sex.
It's myserious, sensual, passionate, dangerous if I gave in to it...
But the moment he kissed me again, I gave in to it.

The way that I can tell that he's vulnerable is because he's got this fire to him...
This passion that seems almost impossible to miss.
When he holds me, it's like he's longing for something once lost or missed.
But for now, I'm going with it. No pressure. No reservations.
Because if it becomes something more...
Well maybe, baby, we're off to a good start


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