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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


There's a limit to how much you should expect from a person, when they themselves limit how much they can give you. Sure, you may give it your all and be tried, tested, and true, but in the long-run, or at the end of it, there's not much left to go by and the only thing left to give is a standing ovation and your last goodbye.

Some people make it a point to show you and remind you how much they're willing to devote themselves, if not to the memory of the way things were, but also to this existential ideal that some things work themselves out. But at what point do they realize it doesn't work out to their liking, but rather to an inconvenient yet theoretical opposing factor?

I used to be a big believer of the metaphor "Opposites Attract," but over time, and after careful consideration, I got to thinking...

Well, if that were true, then why do magnets repel each other?

Why is "White" the absence of color, when "Black" is the abundance of them?

Why does the color Red represent both Rage and Passion and not one or the other?

There's so many questions to the false ideals of life we were raised to accept, but never taught how to question. And over time, we learn the only answer to follow is that it just is.

Why does it feel good to entangle yourself in the tinges of things that aren't good for you?

-Because it does.

Why does Lust excite you more than Love, when both can be incorporated within each other, without some petty fine line we were taught separates the two?

-Because it does.

You see, when we ask the questions, it's so easy to answer with the most cliche response. But why is it that when we're faced with a more ambivalent question like, "Why did the relationship go sour?" or "Why can't he let me go?" you're dumb-fucked for any answers?

We wake with the notion that the day can bring good, but never sleep with the idea that things can go wrong. We prepare ourselves and open ourselves to the possibilities, but never consider the consequence(s).

-Will this risk endanger my well-being?

-Will stringing this relationship on make it harder to get out of?

-Will being a kind and courteous human being be translated into being interested?

-Will I ever be severed from the ties of a relationship I allowed to happen when I shouldn't have?

When you don't have the answers to the most basic questions, you start to obsess and maybe even involve yourself more than you should, for the sake of the most obvious answers.



-Of course


It's a phase you go through when you lose your touch, and stumble to your defeat by the loophole that is life, when it leaves you loathing; questioning your self-worth. Yet even while we question our own worth, we fail to ask the one last simple question...

Was it worth it?



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