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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today over dinner I got to thinking about Chemistry and how it really works. Call me a lunatic but I feel like we can compare it to the process of getting dinner at a restaurant. We discuss what restaurant or type of food you like: the pre-meet; walk into the restaurant, be seated: the introductions; a look through the menu: covering the basics; order your starting beverages: the icebreaker; and the 4 minute grace period in which your drinks are served, and you're given time to decide what you want to eat: the medium.

At this point in this kind of date, you're left with a few minutes to cover a little more of the basics; get some insight on the kind of person they are. The usual conversation(s) consist of where you're from/grew up, where you went to school, what you've done with your life thus far, hobbies, interests, and if there's enough time -- passions. The waitor comes back to take your order, at which point you've decided you'll test wits and order something bizarre but intruguing, as they do the same: the hook. Giving you 16 minutes more to discuss more intimate details of each other's lives. These details usually consist of getting to know what they're interested in, when it comes to being with another person; what they're looking for, what they're not looking for, and maybe an exchange of outrageous stories about previous encounters and affairs; the bridge. And so your food arrives and you both begin to dig in; carefully analyzing their tableside manners; the way they linger over every morsel, utilizing their attention to their sense of taste to become totally involved in their food. Sometimes it might even turn you on, because as we know -- the way one approaches a meal is in direct proportion to how they'd approach you in bed. And so you glare them momentarily with your bedroom eyes.

This part of the date determines whether they'd be interested in prolonging the date to some after-meal drinks. Drinks that would, based on your interest this far into the date, lower some of your boundaries. After the meal, while staring into each other's eyes with anticipation for the next move, maybe exchanging smirks and grins; one or the other asks about the availability for a drink or two. Agreed upon, the waitor is hailed. You order a wine, he orders a martini... Subtle, different, but they mesh. A few sips into it and you start to feel the warmth of the alcohol, or maybe the warmth of the company; you bump feet under the table or maybe touch hands. At this point it's no holds barred and there's a tinge of fire in each of your eyes.

We dance to the beat of music, and our hearts beat in different tones; we relish and feed our senses and our heart reacts to different emotions and maybe even sensations we feel at any given moment. When we dance, our hearts race and beat strong and hard to match the stomp of our feet, and the pace of our body. We lavish our sense of taste with foods and delicasies, and our hearts flutter and soften as we relish every bite. We sip our cocktails and eventually our hearts begin to beat steady but more stronger, as it starts to pump the blood a little more warmer. And when we're on this type of date, this far into it, we find that our hearts jump a beat or two the moment the hands touch, or eyes meet, and even more so when the lips lock.

Chemistry is a mystery only our bodies can translate...
but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine when two people are into each other.


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