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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Existentialism on a Two-Way Street

They say a relationship should be a two-way street; each partner should be entitled to their own voice to validate their stance in the relationship, which should sanction a firm line of communication -- and furthermore -- embody a distinctive comprehension they have for each other. But a two-way street goes hand-in-hand with each story having two sides to it; a parallel jurisdiction and a defining line that sets the two off in two seperate directions.

When you're stuck standing in the middle of that dividing line in the middle of a collision course, you're left with but a moment to accumulate your options. Do you cross? Do you stand there and wait for the crash? Do you step back and wait for another time to cross? A relationship is a two-way street, and much like a car accident; you know it's wrong to sit on the sidelines and watch, but can't help being intrigued to do exactly just that and find yourself consumed by the sight. Maybe this two-way street ideal we're taught about relationship really only suggests that each relationship is a crossing road. Often times you're meant to cross, but somewhere in between you get caught in the crash and become the victim of a human collision. And just like an accident, you exchange information(s) with them and leave the rest to insurance claims.

I guess in a sense the idea is that in life, you often find yourself at a crossroad and you have every intention to cross, but often get distracted by naive superficial things like men, or sex, or even dating and relationships. You bump, or crash in this case, into a person you couldn't keep your eyes off of to realize the accident was about to happen. And you're left with nothing but an intention. An intention to sanction this collision of human connection and try to make the best out of it; suddenly forgetting the track you were on and losing a sense of responsibility, au contrair to the self-sufficiency and stability you set yourself out for in the first place.

There's two sides to every story, in life, in law, and in love. But often times that two-way street becomes a one-way dark road when you crash and follow the wrong direction, in the form of a person sweeping you off your feet, albeit for the moment.

When it comes to relationships, where's the insurance policy to claim an accident of two people not meant to be?


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