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Thursday, April 28, 2011


If we’re born with the mission to leave a legacy behind in our lives, what’s left for the generations after us, if all we’re leaving them is a mess of an existentialist socialite bankruptcy?

We’re setting up for a recession far worse than our current economy; one that will deprive our next generation of any kind of moral compass. We’re so strung out and confined in the idea that, through all of our conquests, nothing matters more than getting our dicks wet.

As I see it, nobody cares to befriend anyone anymore if there’s no sex involved, and certainly no genuine interest in stimulation that goes beyond the precipes of physical, more intimate settings. We’re neglecting not only the expansion of the synapses our brains can uphold through the simple spark of courteous conversation, but also the emotional maturity and progression of connecting to another human being on a basis that isn’t governed by sex.

It’s both amusing and depressing in the same breath. Nobody will approach you on the streets just to causally chit-chat and make an acquaintance, or even a friend. And, of course, online? That’s a joke. The online social networking and dating sites don’t offer much of a support system for those who are genuinely interested in meeting other genuinely interested people. Internet dating is a masquerade that revels and basks in creating, or even unleashing, an alternative persona to glorify some sense of security. But often times that masque becomes a leading role. And often times people blur the lines between who they really are with who they want(ed) to be to other people. To our social demise, these internet "social networking" websites seem to only harbor sexual deviants who make it a point to base their lives on simply just that.

If sex sells as much as it does today, tomorrow for our new comers, what will be of the human race if we sulk and thrive in sexuality and not our sensuality? What will be for that poor adolescent, depraved at home, staring at his computer screen, hoping for interaction – contrary to the lack of courtesy and general interest from those around him in the flesh – when he’s got nothing left to rely on, as a result of detaching and becoming disinterested in the status-quo?

I’d like to play super-hero and tell a story of a boy who has lost his hope for socialism in our divided post-modern society, but I can only sing to that beat so many times. It’s up to us, the orderlies, to sanction what little bit of hope we have now because before we know it, tomorrow’s generation will be tainted before they even know it.


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