My So-Called Love Life

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

“Playing For Keeps”

They say; "If you love someone, set them free. And if they come back.. It's meant to be." I'm not sure I understand the whole "Set Them Free" thing. I've set my babe free TWICE, he came back each time. So I guess it's meant to be, eh? But the real question is.. If you Love someone, why set them free? Why not forget about the whole "Set Them Free" clichè and take 'em for keeps? It's funny how the society of articulates and philosophers come up with these catchy phrases, but have no experience or actual KNOWLEDGE that their creativities are legit. I say; "If You Love Someone, MOTE IT BE. If It Works Out, Devote To Thee." You shouldn't have to let go of somebody. It just isn't healthy.. not to mention, if that somebody loses his way while trying to come back.. and loses interest. Is an almost definite possibility. So, instead of trying to figure out if these bullshit propagandas are actually TRUE, why not skip the whole mumbo-jumbo and play for keeps? Think about it.. when we fall in love, we shouldn't have to risk the relationship by following some callous idiot's ideals. We should follow our own. Same goes for religion. And all that mythological crap. Love, is the meaning of all cause. Love, is the answer to all problems. And Love, is the key to Life. So, why throw it away for some guy's satisfaction that his catchy phrase wasn't meant for testing his gesture, but to have some gratification that it might just destroy a perfect relationship. It kinda makes me wonder...... When it comes to being In Love.. do we have to test the relationship further-more?

Sunday, January 18, 2004

“Letting Loose”

When somebody cries.. it's as if they're letting loose. Ridding of whatever pain is troubling them, via Tears. They say the reason people cry, is because we store up certain emotions, that eventually have to be let loose.. by being triggered by an affliction. Such as some sort of stress, or anxiety, or sorrow. Which seems to be very true, considering that relieved feeling you have after you've cried. But the real question here is... why exactly do we store up these emotions? It seems we're going back through the cycle, right back to Obsession. To me, it seems that Crying is some sort of reaction towards the truth of being Obsessed over something.. anything, in that matter. As if it were some sort of confrontation. Think about it.. wittingly or not, we store up all these emotions that we obviously couldn't forget, yet.. contain. So we preserve.. for the moment we "Let Loose." Or we atleast "store" these emotions long enough to have somewhere righteous to put 'em. Hence, Obsession. Think about it.. when we cry, we cry because of a certain reason. It's NEVER specific. It's all mixed up emotions... from Happy, to Sad, to Anxious, to Furious. It's funny, we cry when we don't really want to, but in tragic events... where you're supposed to cry... we don't, really. We don't have a meaning to cry, we can't control it.... we just cry. We Cry because, psychologoically speaking.. Life's a bitch. And sometimes.. all you CAN do is cry. We Cry because we care, we cry because we hate, we cry because we love, we cry because.. we cry. But, it all ammounts to one thing in the end.. Tolerance. If you have half a bizzarre imagination as I do, you'd understand what I'm trying to say.. when we Cry, it seems as if it has been a war in our eyes. We Cry when it's quite frankly, the toughest situation. We Cry when we can't handle it no longer.. and We Cry when we can't tolerate the pain we have 'stored up.' It kinda makes me wonder.... if Crying is referred to as a Release, or Relief...... have we become Emotion-Intolerant?