My So-Called Love Life

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

“They Shoot Horny People, Don't They?”

Everybody makes such a big deal about Virgins. As if it's anything Special. I mean, all it is is yet another clarification, reminding you that you're clearly missing out on a great ordeal. Sure when you're a Virgin everything's so pure and innocent but that's no reason to deny sex just 'cause you want the "first time" to be something special. Face it, everybody's "first time" wasn't all that special, fortunately because I'm pretty sure the person that they had their first with isn't their lover any longer. Yeah, we get mugged of our virginities whether we like it or not. So why make it such a complacent matter as to "giving it up" to someone special? It's gonna be lost one way or another. It's a short life... there's no time for specialties. Everybody should be experiencing as much of things as they can, 'cause before you know it... you'll die knowing you've missed out on something grand. Sure, sex doesn't seem all that fun but how the hell would a Virgin know?

Deal with it, this is the millennium. Everything is revolving around Sex and Publicity that eventually... the population of Virgins is decreasing inexplicably. Sex can still be "special" when it's with that special someone. Spare yourself the tired wrists.