My So-Called Love Life

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Saturday, October 09, 2004

“E = Ecstasy”

Over the days, I’ve grown to realize what the word Chemistry really means, and what it implies. It isn’t just something you learn in school.
Recently I’ve involved with a man I met and everything is great (so far). We have practically everything in common, aside from the fact that I’m a party-goer and he’s a homebody type of person. But that doesn’t change the fact that our Chemistry shot through the roof (at least the roof of the car.) When we first kissed that night (in the car) it was amazing. He kisses like no other man I know. When we kissed, the car started steaming up, while every other parked car nearby had perfectly clear windows. When I got home after that night, I came to terms with what Chemistry really is. I figured it isn’t just a word that ascertains two people’s attraction or desire for each other, but it applies for what really goes on inside someone’s system, internally. I mean, think about it… when me and this guy kissed that night, the car started steaming up in the midst of our evolving anticipation to “know” one another, in terms of more erotic levels. Call me witty, but I think the word Chemistry was derived from something in the ancient times. Perhaps it was derived from the metaphysics of that which causes two people to involve themselves in these erotic encounters or activities. But when all’s said and done….
Chemistry: Laboratorial… or Hormonal?