My So-Called Love Life

This site -- my anthology -- is the story of a man, a young man, trying to find his way to love. Experiencing everything in between and serving you his heart on a silver-freaking-platter to the naked eye, for the whole world to see; relate, indulge, delve, and hopefully learn from his mistakes. Happy Dating! Copyright © 2004-2011, "My So-Called Love Life" ® Mario Ion. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

“Love, The Easy Way”

When you find yourself jilted by relationships, you normally decide that maybe it’s time to stop being so dull and serious, so you entertain yourself with One Night Stands. I’ve noticed over the days that all ye who become Jilted, seek one night stands. Which in turn; makes every person out there who seek one night stand a jilted spirit. Now what would happen if every person who seeks that One Night encounter would open up to their flings? Perhaps all these narrow-mindedness creates a rift between what is possible and what isn’t? Or perhaps we’re all just too one-sighted and stupid to actually comprehend the potentia. See the thing is; When you involve in these insipid one night encounters, you assume that all the person is seeking is just plain old meaningless sex. But that’s not the case. Perhaps they’re also tormented, so they use Sex as a way to make themselves feel better [about themselves].
Take 2 meaningless sex participaters, mix ‘em up in some meaningless fun BUT add some emotion to it. Could the posibility of Human Emotion prevail, even amongst the midst of Sexual Anticipation? Oh it’s possible.
It seems fun to casually involve in these feeble, meager and meaningless acts, because there wouldn’t be any consequence of putting your heart out on a platter and getting it practically EATEN. But the truth is; everybody needs a little lovin’. Face it.How else are you supposed to live this life, when the true meaning, power, and beauty of it is Love?