My So-Called Love Life

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Friday, March 26, 2004

“Shit Happens”

Life can be so hard at times. It seems as if everything we do is a struggle. For instance; we struggle to sleep, we struggle to keep a relationship alive, we struggle even to take a shit... sometimes we even struggle just to live. Life itself is this never-ending maze, where every turn we take, can lead to an even bigger puzzle to solve. That’s why we need to plan things out and stick with the initiative. But what happens when we don’t want to stick with the initiative, due to the fact that – we’ve lost interest? Sometimes there comes a time in life where we challenge ourselves; our ideals; our beliefs, by luring ourselves into these radical experiences. Experiences in which can change the outcome of the battle, so to speak. Sometimes we’ll hit a point where we have to debate the outcomes through KNOWLEDGE, rather than Experience. And yet, it’s funny how they say Experiences lead us into the world we make for ourselves. Can you say Bullshit? I can. We’re not ALL bounded by these decisions. We have the option, and the opportunity to make the effort to make the change. “The context is stronger than the concept.” Everything is a maze, believe it or not. But we have the ability to change that, to make it a revealed, golden path. For instance; say your main initiative was set to getting over an ex by going for something similar to the relationship, considering the fact that the relationship was possibly golden. But what if we challenged our main outsets and went the opposite way? What if we forgot about our beliefs for once, and went through the other door? We can’t always follow our beliefs. If we do, it’ll DEFINITELY cross out any radical experiences we could’ve experienced. “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Damn right. You even can’t judge a Door by its cover.... or something like that. Sure, our main initiatives may seem fun and interesting and safe.... but that’s all they’ll ever be since we never consider walking through the other door(s). Everybody reflects on experiences, and sometimes people experience the same thing over, and over.... again, and again. That’s why there’s always that other door. It gives us the option, the chance to change everything. We all need new flavor, new taste, and new experiences.... but how can we ever obtain these particular things if we’re all so content, so complex on following our hearts, rather than our minds?