My So-Called Love Life

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

“That’s Just The Way It Is”

A wise, inept man once said; “To Each His Own.” It’s the most honest figurative phrase. Everybody has their own beliefs, theories, judgments, and concepts, point of views, stories, and gestures. We all have our own perspective as to what we think happens around us. For instance; lately my friends and I have been debating what ascertains Mental Syndromes. Such as A.D.D., B.P.D., O.C.D., Sadism, Masochism.... even Emotional Unavailable-ism. To be more precise; the guy I find myself rather infatuated with has a few loose screws in his head, supposedly. They all say this and that.... make it so quick and easy to pass judgment and theories. Me, on the other hand, knowing that I put the Break in Breakdown; I try to analyze the concept more. See, the guy I’m ‘Head Over Heels’ for isn’t who everyone thinks he is. Sure, he’s been committed in an asylum before; sure, he has some violent tendencies. Maybe this is just who he wants to be known as to others; to scare them off, that way they don’t get too close to him and figure him out, point out his weakness and exploit him. Maybe he’s been tainted in the past by something so obscure that he’s too ashamed to admit and exploit and expose. It got me to thinking; considering the hypothesis that every human being has some sort of mental malfunction; maybe our flaws are our advantages. Maybe Obsessive Compulsive is really just the art of being very artificial and kind hearted, maybe Attention Deficit is really just a way to get others to socialize some more. Maybe Borderline Personality is a way to get the world to realize the difference between Truth and Fiction. And maybe Emotional Unavailability is way to figure yourself out before you let anybody in, which in doing so too quickly can cause a train wreck. Maybe nobody is meant to be perfect at all. In fact, I believe that our imperfections are what make us perfect. Our flaws scout throughout the cities amongst others and cause an effect so impacting that the true perfection is finding it in our flaws to make things work. Sometimes I wonder why we’re all so Reality-Impotent on certain degrees such as this one. When it comes to decaying from our flaws........... are we really just trying to escape ourselves?