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Friday, March 17, 2006


Human connection... Ahh, what a tricky concept. It takes major balls to actually let someone get to know you; to open up and eviscerate whatever barriers you may have -- for the sake of protection -- to let someone in and in hopes, be there for you.

No, that's not the tricky part...

I started talking to and seeing a guy. He's what you would call "The New Gay," He isn't exactly sure of his sexuality, although the interest level shows a bit obviousness to the dilemma, but it's the connection between him and I that really intrigues me.

I'm on a quest to find myself; What I want to do with my life, where I want to be, who I want to be, what kind of person I'd like to be for someone else.
And he's pretty much on the same damned quest.

What happens? The two connect. The see through the flaws and see the potency. They become mutual, if not emotionally connected, and develope an idea of a relationship.

The problem with connecting to others these days is thre fact that everybody is so tenuously protected of themselves. They've got walls bigger than the Great Wall of China... only... not.

So high-strung and obsessed with the idea that someone, out there, is out to get them.
And it's obvious what happens...
You become this self-important, pseudo-egotistical, conniving, condescending jerk to anyone unlucky enough to actually find you interesting. And of course, push-comes-to-shove when you're delirious.

I've managed to drop most, if not all, my barriers and walls; and in doing so, I've gained a great friend. More than that... I've gained a lover. Whether we're ready to wear that label or not, we both know it.

It isn't worth the drama and dismay, having all this protection. Because there is, in fact, someone out there to get you. More often than not, to catch you when / if you fall.

And if you've already fallen....
... Chances are they're there to pick you up.