My So-Called Love Life

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Friday, May 07, 2004

“Something Surrogate”

The greatest romances of all times were consisted of two individuals who started off as Friends. As the deep, sincere connection progressed... they began understanding the dilemma. They’ve both evolved a more emotional feeling towards each other and debated whether or not to risk the great Friendship to progress into their newly found love for one another. Sometimes I wonder why relationships, circa NOW, can’t be that way. It seems as if nowadays, we throw ourselves into a relationship with whomever we seem to find interest in without so much as having a Friendship first, as if being lonely isn’t hard enough. We meet someone and we instantly decide that this person is “qualified” for a Relationship. Sure, jumping right into a relationship seems fun and all, considering we learn more about the person as the relationship goes on. But shouldn’t we learn more about the person before we get serious? That was my problem. My ex and I jumped right into a relationship because we fell in love instantly, but as the relationship procrastinated; we realized that it was too much too soon. And of course, it fell apart. Sometimes I wonder why we all let our libido make the choices our hearts should be making. I wonder.............. Instead of looking for a boyfriend, shouldn’t we be looking for a boy friend?