My So-Called Love Life

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

“Deprive for a Dream”

Sleep Deprivation... we all go through it at some point in our lives. But no one's ever really too sure why. I've come to realize that Sleep Deprivation is triggered by an unresolved issue that haunts you, thus causing you to not be able to sleep. Apparently, I have billions of issues, because Sleep Deprivation is practically my name. I go through with it every day of my life. But what you really want to know... why deprive yourself of sleep? Why is it that it's no other kind of deprivation, rather than Sleep? I come to realize that Sleep Deprivation; triggered by the affect of mixed emotions and issues that trouble you, and cause you to become sleep deprivated. Which apparently, means that Sleep includes Dreaming.. thus something unattainable. Unattainable... meaning the reality of the concept. So really, Sleep Deprivation isn't necessarily a bad thing in most cases. I consider it an escape from dreaming of something that, unfortunately... will never 'come true'. I wonder what the whole term for Dreaming is. And what it means. Because apparently, I don't believe it is just dreaming... I consider it a prediction of the reality you live in. And the Cold, Hard Truth of the matter. When it comes to Sleep Deprivation.... are we really just escaping Reality?

Sunday, January 25, 2004

“Security, Inn”

Security, Insecurity.. I don't know the difference. When you're secure, you find yourself rather bored by the abundance of challenge. When you're insecure, you find yourself ridiculed by the fact that all there is, is a challenge. Either way, you're screwed. Security = Freedom + Confidence - Challenge = Fast Life. While Insecurity = Lockdown + Challenge + Goals - Freedom = Earned Life. Do the math. When it comes to insecurities.. everybody always wishes they had it way easy. Meanwhile, when it comes to Security, everybody wishes they didn't have it so easy. In a way, Insecurities represent who we are, while Securities represent what we're about. If you think about it the way I am.... we have it both. We have our securities, our insecurities. Our positive and negative outlooks on life. When we want security, it's not there. When we have it, we don't care. Same with Insecurities. So why does everybody always reinforce their views with more nonsense that will surely effect their emotions? We always yearn for something.... and when we do, we yearn for it so much that it just becomes unattainable. And eventually, we get hurt. It works both ways for security and insecurity. When we have 'em, we don't want 'em. When we don't have 'em, we yearn for it... and become obsessive over the ideal. It's like we become these Obsessive Compulsives.... except we're Obsessing over something that isn't relevant. What I've always wondered is; When it comes to security and insecurity...... do we really just make ourselves insecure, by yearning for security?