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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just One Night

Ahh, One Night Stands...
The ever so emotionally elusive aspect of human connection.

It's been a great mystery of mine as to why these One Night Stands are both so vile, yet so fulfilling. The answer? Expectation. There is none involved when indulging in the shameless act of a One Night Stand.

You're not putting yourself out there.
You're not leaving yourself vulnerable.
You're not worried about what they'll think.
You're not content on what will be afterwards.
You're simply making the best of one moment with a complete stranger, eviscerated from your daily troubles and worries because this moment...
Exposure at its best -- isn't focused on anything but the moment itself.
Living in the now, if you must. Going with the flow. Seizing the moment.

Comparing a One Night Stand to an average relationship's night of bliss shows as follows;

The One Night Stand:
1) Adrenaline
-- Two utter strangers engaging in an act of sexual deviance without the exception of an open invitation for romance or emotion alone. Thrill-seeking at its finest; to be able to open and expose your sexuality to someone completely nameless.
2) Sexual Gratification -- Without letting your expectations lead you simply because this person is a stranger, opens you to a world of sexual decadence and pure ecstatic satisfaction.
3) Open-Mindedness -- For having being able to indulge in this act with someone you don't know. For having the drive and energy to let a stranger into you. For being able to get through the experience and find yourself wanting more. Enjoyment.

The Relationship:
1) Familiarity
-- A sense of security in the aspect of knowing who you're sleeping with. A sense of belonging, for having this person to wake up to -- day in -- day out.
2) Routine -- Developing a pattern in the way things are done in the bedroom. In a way, though... It becomes rather redundant and boring. Vanilla, if you must.
3) Sensuality -- Raw emotion in conjunction with pure sexuality blending together to make it nothing different, in terms of fulfillment, to a night of the same antics with a stranger.

All-in-all, a One Night Stand is a very good resource to negate the sometimes lonely feeling one wo isn't in a relationship finds themselves in.
It provides sexual release, thrill, excitement, and a sense of belonging.

The one thing it doesn't provide is a sense of direction; hence Expectation.
And at the end of the day... You couldn't have it any other way.