My So-Called Love Life

This site -- my anthology -- is the story of a man, a young man, trying to find his way to love. Experiencing everything in between and serving you his heart on a silver-freaking-platter to the naked eye, for the whole world to see; relate, indulge, delve, and hopefully learn from his mistakes. Happy Dating! Copyright © 2004-2011, "My So-Called Love Life" ® Mario Ion. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


into the abyss, he plunges head-first without a sight, he closes his eyes. falling deep into nothingness, he screams for help... salvation... sanity, no one hears him. no one sees him. he's a foreigner, a ghost. unseen, unnoticed. he's nothing. unconscience, he's feigning his vows;
to never speak,
to never see,
to never feel,
to never know.
his life cycles as time stands still... he's a somnambulist. last wishes to last words, he has none... nothing to keep him together as everything else is falling apart. and these roads, they split off in opposite directions; exaggerating the barrier between who he is and who he wants to be. "abraxas," he says "i'm abraxas. the demon of lies and deceit." flayed and splayed, convolutions have escalated;
i'm everyone and everything.
i'm everything and nothing.
i'm not a liar.