My So-Called Love Life

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Monday, October 18, 2004

“From Afar”

I’ve always assumed that the whole “Long Distance Relationship” was just another form of a Crush. You enjoy it so much, but you know deep down you can never fully have it, so you dwell in the feelings that have evolved from this though that’s all you can really do. But nowadays I’ve been clinging onto the idea that things really do happen for a reason.

Perhaps you meet somebody who’s so great and has everything you look for in a person, as well as everything in common with you, but the only factor is that they don’t live in the same city (or even State) that you do. But you can’t simply just forget about this person, because something this great can’t come along if it hasn’t a reason, right? Maybe “fate” took a wrong turn, where as in doing so; causes you to meet this person a little sooner than planned, or (to be more concise…) you were destined to meet this person, something was destined to evolve from this serene acquaintance but just not this very moment.

Maybe fate decided to take a shortcut and reach its way to you and show you what’s in store for you whilst in the process of practically being on the brink of giving up hope. Maybe meeting him was Life telling me to just hold on… he’s on his way. Or vice versa; maybe you’ll be on your way towards him? Whatever the circumstance… it’s bound to happen, just not this instance.

Everything happens for a reason, whether you believe it or not. Everything connects to something that changes the outcome of the battle, so to speak. There’s reasons why you can’t have something, reasons why you have to shut the fuck up and have a little patience. But for what it’s worth… it’s definitely worth something.