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Sunday, May 30, 2004

"Votre Meilleur Critique"

I've realized over the months that you shouldn't really underestimate yourself, in terms of advantage(s). As they say; "Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover". You shouldn't really judge yourself for the way you look. Sure, you may not look the way you want to, but as time goes by you'll understand that it's not the Looks that matter, it's how you use them for your advantage. People will think different things about you. Whether it's discriminating or reassuring, and you can't stop it. So why try to fight it when you really should just let them talk? It's not like they know you. Let them judge. It'll be so significant to know that they're pulling these cruel judgments and awry comments out of their asses. How much can they fit in there?

Sometimes in Life, you can only let down your guard so severely that evenutally those critics will get under your skin. What happens when they do? Do you simply just give up on all things stable in your life to indulge and weep over the few things that aren't? No. You take a break.

I don't really have much more conflict(s) to write about, but that's only because I let those critics get under my skin. But I decided to turn the tables, and decided that it's about time I got under their skin. Not by cowardice gestures or crucial actions, but by being ME. The me that they've been locking away for so long. The only critic that actually matters is yourself. You are your own critic, whether it's for better or for worse.

Normally I'm the guy who has the answers, followed by the Questions that lead you to decide whether or not the answer is relevant. But today, I only have answers.

I've realized that "I'll Die For You" is just yet another encoded mea culpa, as opposed to saying that there will come a time in a relationship where it's time to call it quits, but someone's going to have to be the one to step up to the plate and make that call. Sure, one will be guilt-ridden and the other will be set free but when you put things in perspective.... For better or for worse, right?

Marriage isn't just selling yourself short, it actually does justification, in terms of your feelings for your partner. But sometimes it actually takes marriage for your partner to believe you. To have that closure.

We will try to get back with our partners after a break up, but it's only human nature. There is no fine line that justifies what you feel and what you should feel. As I've said, you are your own critic. Sure, it'll seem masochistic, being that you keep falling into that loophole. But if it's for love, why try to fight it off, rather than trying to make it right, make it work.... make it last?

A select few denies off Sex, because to them it kills romance. But the truth is; sex makes things work. There will come a time when the relationship gets calm and dull and it seems as if all the "Fun" is irrelevant. But the only way to break through that cycle is to remind your lover, and yourself, of the fun you both once had. And apparently, Sex is the only way to unlock those memories from the dull burden they've been hiding in.

We may or may not know who our lovers really are, but why should we try to figure things out when we aren't really supposed to? We may think we really just make a Friend when we involve in a Relationship but for what it's worth... isn't it nice to know that you have both an Amazing lover and an amazing friend?

We'll involve in a lot of break-ups and come to terms with our feelings for our partners. We'll feel obscure to the fact being that we're either still in love or obsessed, in terms of "Holding On and Letting Go" but the truth is; it isn't easy to just FORGET your lover. It isn't easy to simply just LET GO of something that was once so grand. To me, it seems as if we've all become Patience-Intolerant. Let time heal your wonds, not Sex.

Commitment does seem dull but the truth is, we're committed to EVERYTHING. Whether it's our fashion sense, our diet, our jobs, friendships, relationships. Commitment is everywhere. So why do we try not to commit? It's not as if we're selling ourselves short. So how bad would it be to commit to one more thing?

There will come the times where you debate whether or not to trust your heart or your mind but the truth is; let your mind do the thinking, and your heart-the feeling.

I used to deny off all these things as if they would've been the death of me. But the truth is; it's the rebirth of me.

Over these days, a part of me has died. The part of me that didn't know how to live, how to love, how to have fun or how to trust.
I've realized that there's always a catch. But that wouldn't be the problem. The problem would be what you're willing to bargain for that auction.

I sold myself way too short. I was in debt--emotionally.
But I payed my debts and put all the pieces together.
And then I had a thought.....

If you can't help yourself out of the problems that disturb you...

who will?