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Saturday, February 07, 2004

“In or Out?”

In relationships, whether it's Friendship or an actual Love Affair.. Trust is the number one factor, and key to the relationship. Or so they say. I've come to realize a few paticular things. For instance; Trust means putting your word, effort, and heart into not disappointing someone and keeping it confidential. Trust means keeping your word, promise, and keeping it between the two (or few) of you.. and Trust means not letting somebody down. What I've grown to wonder is; Why give people these advantages? Why not just let them deal with their own problems, on their own? It seems to me that Trust isn't really the key to getting IN a relationship.. but rather the key to getting OUT. Trust is the biggest concept, issue, and factor in all relationships. As I've said; whether it's Friendship or a Love Affair.. because you WILL eventually let someone down. Why? There comes a time where "spilling" the detail(s) is necessary. Because in some cases... it can help the troubled situation. But of course, the person you gave your word to will get raged and tell you the friendship / relationship is over, because he/she cannot 'Trust' you any-longer. If you put 2 and 2 together, you can see this concept the way I see it. Trust is no better than a Massacre. Someone asks you if they can Trust you... subconsciously knowing that eventually, it'll spill. Not because they think they can trust you, or want to.... but quite frankly, because they want to end the relationship, in a less harsh manner. But it also seems like an Ego thing. When someone asks you if they can Trust you, knowing it'll spill out eventually... causing them to decide to end the relationship, but giving them all the credit for being the 'Victim' of the matter. It's pretty far-fetched. When it comes to Trust........ is it they key to a closer bond, or a Weapon of Mass Destruction?