My So-Called Love Life

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

“To Love or Not To Love”

Ever wonder what it would be like if you could only just grow up and accept something for how good it can really be, rather than juxtapose it for its flaws; minor flaws that don’t even change anything? I found myself in this particular epiphany recently. Think of it this way; you’ve got 2 options:

1) Enjoy how great this certain thing is, in terms of “Living In The Now” or …
2) Decline it for the most irrelevant flaw and miss out on “What Could’ve Been”.

(Personally, I’d choose the first one.)

Life is all about living in the now, so why not “live in the now” with someone? Why is it so hard for us to take something for what it’s worth, instead of brushing it off for the simplest, most incoherent reason just because it’s something different? Life’s too short to be picky. Life’s too short to waste it practically scavenger hunting for something to satisfy our Physical expectations, instead of satisfying our Emotional needs. We’re always persistently chasing after something that’s similar to a blast from the past. Henceforth why we should grow the hell up, get with the millennium, and – once again – “Live In The NOW”. So what if things will be different? Isn’t that what we’re all really craving … The “Spontaneity”?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

“Dressed To Thrill”

In the eyes of a normal person, you’d assume that they’re the sexiest or prettiest when they’re broken simply because it gives you the advantage at winning their hearts and making everything better for them, which in turn; makes the relationship pretty fucking strong. In the eyes of a horny stranger, you seem to be pretty damn hot when you have the whole “just had sex” vibe going on. It’s a pretty stupid transition when you think about it. When your Libido’s up, your Emotions are down. When your Emotion’s up, your Libido’s down. And people take advantage of whatever your appeal seems to be. But it irritates me sometimes, I mean … you show this or that, and people take whatever it is they see. What you see really isn’t what you get though. I believe that is such bullshit juxtaposition. There’s so much more to a person than what’s in front of you or what’s on the outside. There’s always the inside. Frankly nobody seems to give a shit or two about what’s inside of you, in a more spiritual and emotional level.

I met a guy about a week ago, his name was Corey, he was 28 years old, a writer and he really caught my eye. He glanced at me as I walked passed him and didn’t stop looking. Of course, little ‘ole me looked back quite a few times but I didn’t stop to talk to him because I had this instinct, a really strong instinct that he was only looking for a fresh piece of ass. But as I was about 40 feet away from him, he yelled out; “Don’t be so shy!”
I found it to be somehow romantic and unfortunately I got all giddy and gave in. I called him over; we talked, walked, kissed, such and such.
The night couldn’t have been any more perfect… but I was wrong; wrong about him.

Two days after that amazing night, he called me and asked me out. We had yet another great day, or at least half of a great day.
We walked for what seemed to be hours, talked, laughed, and kissed in between. We made a stop by the Hudson River and lay on the great, green grass. He took a snooze a few times, while I just watched and caressed him. I thought I was falling in love.

After a few hours of that, we walked some more; made a stop by a café and had something to drink. By that time, our sexual anticipation was high and it was then when he walked to the restroom when he called over to follow him in.
Sure, it was stupid of me to go in and practically have sex with him on the second date but what can I say? He was amazing.
We got in the restroom, which by the way was very clean and big, we stroked each other, sucked each other off, he fucked me and that was that.

Afterwards, it might’ve been about 8:30pm when he said he had to go.
My god did I feel like shit?! He fucks my brains out and decides to ditch me? Gees! It was as if he lost interest in what we’ve had together (emotionally) the night(s) before, after we had sex, which in turn; fulfilled his main initiative (sexually). It made my instinct completely right. What’s ironic is how he kept telling me how he never beats around the bush or sugarcoats anything. BULLSHIT! But in a way, I don’t necessarily hold this consumptively huge grudge on him. I mean, I dress sexy. Of course people are going to make the assumption that I’m dressed to fuck someone’s brains out or dressed to thrill. But that’s not the case. I don’t want that. I don’t want to be judge by my cover. Besides, I don’t want to have to always dress so gloomy and grim just to finally have what it is I want … Love. It makes me wonder though ….. When you’re out there looking for whatever it is you yearn, why should there have to be a dresscode?